Olivier Couture


Scène Hydro-Québec

871, ave. Taniata, Lévis, QC, Canada


Sometimes mocking, often charming, Olivier Couture developed a passion for music at a young age. He first multiplied the participations in many competitions in addition to making a few TV appearances, and then traveled the roads of Quebec for several years as a singer-songwriter. More than a hundred concerts later, the artist who admits to being influenced by pop song in all its forms then joins forces with Alexandre Pomerleau and Samuel Bonneau to create original material. That's whenAu revoir Clara, a first song as bright as driving, is born and is played rotation on every major radio stations of the province.

It is at the beginning of the year 2018 the multifaceted artist shows us all his expertise with the release of Cette Montréalaise, first single from Avant de crever, his first solo album released on the label St Laurent. Olivier offers us a refreshing world with pop sounds, sometimes under the influence of retro rhythms but always interpreted with passion and warmth as would Xavier Cafeïne, Thomas Fersen or even a young Jean Leloup.