Di Astronauts

Musical accomplices since 1992, BoB Bouchard and Lou Bélanger fiddle on samplers and drum machines since elementary school. After having set up the collective CEA, taken part in the rise of Marieme’s career as well as contributing to many other musical projects, the two pals put together a new compilation: Di Astronauts « Lova Notes & Outta Space Poems”.Anchored in modern musical production, the guys propose a blend of reggae, electro, hip-hop and dancehall spiced up with sound effects from outter space. Producing all the songs, they are joined by artists of great talents to bless theses intergalactic compositions. A series of guests (anglo and french) perform in Di Astronauts: The singer Marieme is obviously taking part in the adventure; Papa T, a jamaican reggaeman brings heaviness and authenticity with his flow; the suave Sabrina Sabotage (Orange Orange) embellishes the project with her intimate and sensual voice; we cannot forget the inimitable monarch of Arab Dancehall, King Abid, who is explosive on “Top a di things”.