Les Grands Hurleurs

With numerous tours since its founding in 2009 both internationally and through the established network of Quebec theaters, Les Grands Hurleurs have built a solid reputation. We also saw Nicolas Pellerin, representing the group as a guest artist, in various popular TV shows such as Tout le monde en parle, Belle and Bum, En direct de l’univers, Le Banquier, etc.

Since its creation, the trio has performed over 500 performances, received three Félix awards for “Best traditional album” at ADISQ, and participated in several major events.

Among the many past shows, there are several tours in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and all across Canada.

The band has made 3 albums;

-In 2009; Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs (Winner at ADISQ in 2010)

-In 2011; Petit grain d’or (Winner at ADISQ in 2012)

-In 2015; 3/4 Fort (Winner at ADISQ in 2016)

In addition to the shows, the group has recorded for commercials for Honda, programs on Radio-Canada (Ici Musique) and an exhibition at Place des Arts in Montreal.

With all this baggage acquired, it is actually on stage that the trio is at its best, either by the multitude of instruments played, by the dynamic presentation of the numbers and by the powerful musical prowess. The public thus merges with the group and feels every time challenged by the very unifying side of the trio.