Ludo Pin

Six years after his moving to Quebec, Ludo Pin returns with a third album. Les moyens du bord was released on April 29, 2017 on Coyote Records. The first single, Amour à mort, suggests a light and luminous electro-pop on a text marked with resigned anxiety.

Paternity and the reading of L’usage du mondeby Nicolas Bouvier had a lot to do with this new start in Ludo Pin’s writing, helping him detaching himself from his intimate moods, taking a step back and approach his own doubts and questions from another angle.

On this new album, he wears the uncompromising look of a generation on his daily life, without bitterness or regret, but in which a certain tenderness is woven in the background. Omnipresent in the texts, as on his previous albums, the theme of exile comes in different variations.

Accompanied by his faithful sidekick Navet Confit (Jean-Philippe Fréchette), Ludo Pin continues his journey with the team he has forged since his previous album, Paris-Montréal, a new musical family composed of Mathieu Vézio on drums and Simon Dolan on bass.

"This album is born from the story of love and friendship I share with the people I work with. I was inspired by the musicians who accompanied me, I trusted them, and we moved forward together. I left room for games and freedom. The result is a more accomplished album, rawer and more organic, which was built in a more intuitive way and on which the artifices were erased. "

The texts are chanted, sung or spoken, the music flows and the words leave his emotions and concerns behind. With Les moyens du bord, Ludo Pin wildly opens the territory of the possibilities.