Maybe Watson

Olivier Normandin-Guénette, aka Maybe Watson, is one of the founding members of the popular hip hop collective Alaclair Ensemble (Quebec in 2008), recipients of Félix for “Best hip hop album” as well as video of the year for the hit song ''Ça que c’tait'' (ADISQ 2017). The new effervescence of the group in 2017 brings them to Europe for 2 tours, as well as to Mexico, in addition to participating in '' L'Osstidtour '' with Koriass and Brown.

A major player in the success of Quebec rap in recent years, Maybe starts in 2018 working on a solo album. His recent contributions to the musical heritage of rap Quebecois, '' Argent Légal '' of the Rednext Level duo with Robert Nelson and Les Frères Cueilleurs of Alaclair Ensemble, are part of the imagination of young listeners as much as adults.

 Maybe Watson has been dedicated to Quebec rap for over 20 years. Known for his texts oscillating between the real and the fantastic, he is also an adept of improvisation and battle rap. His love for graffiti, contemporary art (university studies in art history and communication) and food make him an eclectic and unique character in our musical landscape.