After having made his mark with the EP "La Barquetterie" last spring, Benny Adam is back with a second EP. 

The adventure of Benny Adam's La Barquetterie is a bit like a reality show, but musical. For this second season, La Barquetterie SS2, the Montreal singer and producer is back with brand new stories and a host of new guests.

Benny Adam knows how to surround himself well as he collaborates with rising Quebec rap star Fouki on the song "Flousse" and also surrounds himself with the production of Banx n Ranx, Gary Wide, Realmind and Pops.

Benny makes no concessions with this accomplished second EP, which uncompromisingly plunges us into his danceable universe with his very own urban pop sounds. 

Benny Adam - La Barquetterie SS2

Accompanies the release of this new EP, the music video of On m'a dit.

Masterpiece track of this second season, this song evokes the ferocity of the music world as Benny Adam exposes his disappointments, betrayals and false promises made to him.

Once again, the artist flirts perfectly with different musical styles to offer us a piece at his own image: a very original song, with colorful sounds and varied rhythms that inevitably invites us to wiggle our hips even if the lyrics are, as always, very thoughtful and serious.