Brand new single & music video from King Abid, hand made

It's D-Day!

Today, King Abid presents his new song "SLIM DARGHOUTH".

In tribute to a mythical character, SLIM DARGHOUTH is a song whose music is performed by King Abid, Boogat & Dag Deg, the arrangements by Bob Riddim and the mix / mastering by Andres Oddone in Mexico City.

" I am proud to announce that I made the video myself and from A to Z, during the confinement with my iPhone, Snapchat and Adobe Premiere.

SLIM DARGHOUTH is a very good friend, a guy from my neighborhood, the suburbs of Tunis, La Marsa, a big village on the edge of the Mediterranean where life is really good. He always inspired me in my songs, I already quoted it in several of my songs, but now and once and for all, I have made a song in his honor that bears his name.

It's hard to explain to you, who is this guy? But I promise you that he deserves his song! You will say to me: What does he do for a living? I would answer you: he earns his living by being himself! But also, he's the funniest and most good-natured guy I know, he loves football and Celtia, but he can chat with you on all the serious subjects of this world with a great knowledge of the subject!

Okay, I've told you enough about him, you have to keep the mystery anyway. "