Three months and millions streams after the release of her EP "Never Let Me Go"Ghostly Kisses unveils an intimate acoustic version of "Stay", a song that quickly made a name for itself on the most influential Spotify indie playlists (Ultimate Indie, All New Indie, Indie All Stars, Montreal Chill, etc.).

"Stay (Acoustic)" is a re-imagined version of the original piece in its simplest expression, in an irresistible piano-voice arrangement. For the occasion, Margaux Sauvé delivers a soft and refined interpretation, where each whispered word takes on its full meaning.

Thus putting forward the heart of the composition, this moving rereading was recorded live alongside pianist Louis-Étienne Santais, who signs the bewitching arrangements. The latter, who can be seen performing at the piano during the live session, recently unveiled "Augustines", the very first single of his new piano solo project which, to date, has been listened to nearly 500,000 times on various digital platforms.

Filmed by the talented director Zacharie Turgeon, assisted by Marc-Alexandre Dulude, the video capture shows all the complicity of the duo that plunges us into the intimacy of the Ghostly Kisses project.

"When we met in 2015, we quickly understood that we had a great chemistry, both musically and personally, says Margaux. It was through the various events we had the chance to work on together that our relationship developed and eventually led us to work and build the musical universe of Ghostly Kisses together. "

Chills guaranteed, all that remains is to let oneself be carried away by the sounds of the meticulously interpreted piano keys around which the delicate and soothing voice of the artist, who is currently working on his first long game scheduled for 2021, is perfectly articulated.