Louis-Étienne Santais and Ghostly Kisses cover «J’ai demandé à la lune» from Indochine

Accomplices in life as well as in Ghostly Kisses project, Louis-Étienne Santais and Margaux Sauvé unite once again to move us. Today they deliver a touching cover of the piece "J'ai demandé à la lune", an iconic song by the French group Indochine. The duo, whose musical universe was marked by this classic from the early 2000s, offers a very personal acoustic version, both soft and hushed. Ghostly Kisses thus presents for the first time an interpretation in French, paving the way for the release of several other songs in her native language. 

Ghostly Kisses - J'ai demandé à la lune (feat. Louis-Étienne Santais)