Louis-Étienne Santais unveils "La plage du Nord".

After garnering 650K streams within the first three weeks with his debut release “ Augustines”, Louis-Étienne Santais unveils his second piece “La plage du Nord”, a lively, evocative and heartfelt piano piece.  

This composition is centered around a repeating motif of triplets that maintains the motion while the melody gently moves around in an intricate way. This motif is a musical analogy for the cyclical nature of most things in life. The title in itself is based on an imagery that reflects this idea in a simple manner; A beach, where tides fluctuate in a similar manner every day, and waves that come and go, crashing onto the sand/rocks in an almost perpetual motion.

"The name occurred to me while I was walking on the banks of the St-Lawrence river, hence mention of the “Nord” "

Louis-Étienne Santais - La plage du Nord