Of Course's first album "Montréal Bagarre 2" is out now!

Montreal, May 13, 2022 - Of Course presents its new album Montréal Bagarre 2, accompanied by a video for "T'es beau", a self-love anthem that gets you moving.

Composed during several writing sessions in a cottage, the follow-up to Montréal Bagarre was strongly inspired by the sun and afternoon swims. Musically, it's light and lively like summer. It was with the arrival of the colder weather that author Will Maurer composed the lyrics. The shorter days inspired introspective subjects, so the cold made him dive into his fears in "L'enfer", he tackles self-acceptance in "T'es beau" and insomnia in "Morphée". In Montreal Bagarre 2, the group also sings about more positive themes like aspirations and hope in "Sucré salé" or making peace with oneself and others in "La trève".

Of Course's music is all about dualities. The perfect mix between funk and rap, "hop la vie" music and darker lyrics, Canadian and French influences. For this new album, collaborations like Oré, Vendou and Dope.gng add to the party atmosphere.

The release of Montreal Bagarre 2 comes with a video for the disco-electro hit "T'es beau". The clip shows the one night adventure of an alien who parties when he arrives on Earth.

"I wanted to write about this tune for those who have always thought that they had no right to party, to show off, to seduce, because they are different in their lifestyle, their appearance, their style. Because they don't fit the mold, they feel like they're from another planet." - Will Maurer

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