Cherry Chérie

École secondaire Pierrefonds Comprehensive

13800 Boul de Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds, QC, Canada


A little more than two years after the critically acclaimed “J'entends la bête”, Cherry Chérie is back with a second album, Adieu Veracruz, released on Coyote Records. The band celebrated the arrival of their new album on October 17, during a launch party at the Cinema Beaubien.

As suggested by the single "The Braconnier" which is currently running in many stations, including ÉNERGIE (Future star IHeart), Cherry Cherie changes tone for their new album. Their retro-trash abandons its candy color to take dark colors, taking more sinuous and tempestuous paths, without however putting aside their strong and catchy choruses.

This second album definitely smells of the sea. Its opulent guitars with surf echoes set a scene where melodies that honor the great hymns of the sixties grow. Concept album, Adieu Veracruz is the soundtrack of a film noir that will never see the light of day. Once an idyllic seaside resort, Veracruz in Mexico is now a worn-out, faded and plagued by crime paradise. Is this the unstoppable fate of everything that at first sight seems too perfect?

For the recording, Cherry Chérie isolated itself for more than two months in Shefford to work with renowned director Pierre Duchesne (Richard Desjardins, Kevin Parent, Richard Séguin) of Studio Ouïe-Dire. Together, they developed rich sounds, superimposing the vintage textures, to finally arrive at a sound wall at the most current rendering.

Pierre Duchesne also put his touch on keyboards, added to the collaborations of Ariane Vaillancourt, Alex Dodier’s voices arrangements, the saxophone and Paul Aubry’s keyboards.