Félix Dyotte

Few artists whose artillery rivals the sensitive talent and seasoned experience of Félix Dyotte. Musician and songwriter in bands since the age of fifteen (The Undercovers, Chinatown), prized for the eloquence of his pen and his fine arrangements, he has collaborated over the decades on countless projects and albums (Pierre Lapointe, The Stills, Jean Leloup, Salomé Leclerc, Evelyne Brochu). 

It is only in 2015 that Félix Dyotte unveiled himself to the general public as a solo artist with a first homonymous album. Then celebrated by his peers at the GAMIQ 2015, crowned songwriter of the year, nominated for the pop album and as revelation of the year, the artist seduced the media and fans throughout the Francophonie.

In 2017, his second solo effort, "Politesses", picks up where the previous one left off; on the defeated bed of two eras, between the French chanson of yesterday and the indie-pop of today. With this assumed style of his own, the deep tone of his voice and his sensitive images superimposed on heady melodies, the reputation of the artist, twice nominated for the Félix Leclerc prize, is well established.

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