New Bleach

New Bleach is the new indie pop project from two members of the renowned Quebec rock band Caravane.  Dominic Pelletier and Raphaël Potvin adopted the home studio approach, wishing to explore new sonic territories and create music that feels current, yet intimate.

Their first single "Awake", released in April 2020, quickly garnered thousands of plays on the digital platforms and was featured in prestigious playlists alongside Tame Impala, Childish Gambino and Bon Iver. Over the next couple of months, the duo continued to make a name for themselves, releasing tracks that combined analog synth textures, organic instrumentation, synthetic beats and impressionistic poetry, collages of modern and vintage influences.

After having charmed many blogs and international media with their previous singles, the duo presented their first album Impressions on May 14, 2021.