Rymz began his musical career as a teenager with his duo Mauvais Actewho stood out, thanks to his victory at “Secondaire en spectacle” contest in 2005 and “Boom” in 2007. Within a couple of years, the duo became one of the leading projects on the Quebec rapscene selling more than 4,000 copies of their independent projects Pour les jeunes comme nousand Bien et Mal. The duo then signs a deal with Silence D’orand produces a first official album. L’armewas released in March 2012 and sold over 5,000 copies in addition to obtaining more than a million views through the different videos on Youtube and strong rotations on MusiquePlus. Rymz is also part of the Jungle Music project, another well-known Quebec rap duo with Farfadet. Their album, Farfadet et Rymz presentent Jungle Music, came out in September 2011 and runs to more than 4,000 copies in addition to accumulate hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and strong rotations on MusiquePlus. Rymz also participated in the two albums on the HHQc.com label, which sold more than 10,000 copies.

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