A few months after the release of her album FEU, Laurence Nerbonne unveils a punchy music video for her song BACK OFF. The direction and script are signed by Ged (winner of the Félix for the music video of the year at ADISQ 2019). The script is by Guillaume Lambert.

The singer-songwriter has often spoken about parity and the presence of women in music, in BACK OFF she approaches the subject with humour.

Marcel Leboeuf, Guillaume Lambert (Like moi), Jessika Barker and Mylène Mackay (Nelly) lent themselves to the game for a bloody short film in which Laurence takes control of the situation by performing a tracheotomy on a crooked producer. Under the eyes of her manager and the dinner waitress, a policeman turns into a vampire, customers vomit rainbows... all because of a sausage!

It is in a Tarantino style universe reminding Grindhouse that the surrealist scene takes place.

I've never let anything overflow.
I got rules I'll teach you to speak
Put on my shoes and learn to shoot
I put my rules in there and I start to get tired.
Back off