A New Single and a Surprise Live Session for Félix Dyotte

It's Christmas before time!

To crown the end of a great year (winner of the SOCAN 2020 Song Award, five ADISQ 2020 nominations), Félix Dyotte unveils a surprise live session!The singer-songwriter delivers with disarming authenticity "J'espère", a new single from a third album, discreetly tied together and expected in the spring of 2021.

Written, recorded and mixed mostly in Mexico City, where the artist spent most of his 2019 year, "J'espère" comes at the right time to warm hearts. Thus, carried by the incomparable finesse of his writing, the singer-songwriter does not fail to seduce us with his sensitive images superimposed on the rich string arrangements and the irresistibly catchy melody.

This means that Félix Dyotte is back with a more assertive sound than ever as he navigates accurately between the French chanson of yesterday and today's pop-indie. 

Félix Dyotte - J'espère

To hear some of his new songs before everyone else, Félix Dyotte will be in a virtual show starting at 7:30 p.m. on December 19th as part of the Concerts sous le Sapin of Noël dans le Parc.