Benny Adam demonstrates (once again) his talents as an outstanding melodist with this new single announcing new music to come in 2023. "PIGALLE" is accompanied by a superb clip in virtual reality (180 degrees) directed by the master of the crazy, Laurence BAZ Marais.

More or less a distant cousin of Stromae's hits, Benny Adam's urban pop is one of the richest and most cosmopolitan. His style, infused with trap sounds, is reminiscent of the classic intonations of French rap. Not limiting himself to the genre, Adam only takes the best of each category. For "PIGALLE", Benny Adam called upon Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Loud, 20some, Sophia Bel) to craft the mix for this earworm track.

"PIGALLE" represents the impromptu night trips that the artist often lived in Paris, while he was there for several months to write new songs. The excerpt, closer to bio than fiction, is set to an absorbing ambient backdrop, which aptly represents the intoxicated feeling that hangs over the track.
Pigalle, the artists' district of Paris, is for Benny Adam the infirmary: it's where he goes to cure his mal de vivre, the glimmer of hope that helps him keep up with the infernal rhythm of an artist's developing life. These are the words of the chorus that came to him first: "I'm sick of my life, I'm sick of being here". When he wrote them, the artist was close to giving up music. But when he went to the studio, inspiration struck and the song "Pigalle" was born in 3 days.

Benny Adam - Pigalle