While she has just made her entry into the Occupation Double adventure (OD in the West), Clodelle unveils today the third single from an album to be released in 2022. After the success of her first singles "Calm" and "Chapeau parapluie", she moves us again in Shakespeare's language with the touching Burning Tears.

Clodelle is singing a very special song for us today, a way for her to come to terms with the difficult relationship she had with her father, who died five years earlier. Burning Tears is therefore a tribute to her father, to childhood, to the memories we keep of our parents; sometimes in the form of objects, sometimes when you find yourself having the same habits as them.

“My father was a sailor, he didn't have it easy, but he loved his family as hard as the wind in the sails of his boat. This song, and the accompanying music video, chronicles the moments when he went adrift, and the impact his absence had on my life. But despite the storms of the past, I was able to find my anchor point. "- Clodelle

In the eye of Eva Martinez and with the artistic genius of Romane Minner Barrette, the music video gives the artist's growing audience privileged access to all of her authenticity and flamboyant personality for which those close to her recognize her. In fact, it was alongside her own mother that Clodelle had the chance to shoot, giving rise to some moving images.

“Romane and I developed the concept taking inspiration from Clodelle's childhood memories. The music video was imagined as if it took place in an exhibition. The stage is inhabited by objects that symbolize the memories that Clodelle keeps of her father as the lyrics tell us his story. "
- Eva Martinez, director

Despite the emotional message of the text and the video, Clodelle's new single is nothing short of depressing, on the contrary! Behind the groove of this piece combining old school vibes and modern production reminiscent of Lana Del Rey lies the desire to convey this extraordinary feeling that everything ends up working out.

Discover Burning Tears now and watch the adorable music video that accompanies the release of this third single.

Clodelle - Burning Tears