Ghostly Kisses is the melancholy musical project of singer-songwriter Margaux Sauvé, who today unveils in the form of unspoken hope her second single, Heaven, Wait, the title track of her debut album to be released on 21 January 2022. To follow up on the haunting Don't Know Why released last July, the artist reveals herself a little more with this new single and the sublime shivering video that accompanies it.

Collaborating with videographer Matt Charland and contemporary dancers and Révolution's TVA winners Janie Richard & Marcio Vinicius Paulino Silveira, the clip depicts how two people can complement each other and become a whole together. Through an impressive and touching choreography, the video illustrates the evolution of a fusional and dependent relationship towards a relationship of symbiosis, synchronicity and independence where the protagonists are ultimately stronger as individuals.

Because Heaven, Wait, it's about that, a friendship story that turns into a real love story. It is a nod to the artist's own relationship with his partner (in life and in music) Louis-Étienne Santais, whose name has traveled a lot in Quebec and elsewhere with the release of his first solo project at the piano Reflection I.

It was in their home that the album was largely recorded, as they exchanged ideas, from one room to another, before meeting to rehearse the songs once they were quite mature. Then it was with producer Tim Bran across the Atlantic in the UK and Thomas Bartlett in New York that the magic continued to work.

Moreover, the song Heaven, Wait reveals several clues to the sound direction of the album: a soft, hushed, luminous pop, a bit avant-garde that makes you want to be listened to on repeat. We feel that Ghostly Kisses is more and more anchored in its own sound by this new up-tempo song, supported by a catchy piano melody, an electro and minimalist dance rhythm and arrangements with organic and sophisticated sounds. No other choice but to assert that this is the artist’s most catchy song to date.

Overall, then, one would expect her album debut Heaven, Wait to draw a new, more complete Margaux Sauvé as she moves on this intensely personal journey from darkness to light.

Do not wait any longer ! Discover this new side of Ghostly Kisses through the beautiful music video of Heaven, Wait, the title track from her debut album to be released on January 21, 2022.