Ghostly Kisses released a music video for Never Let Me Go

For her first EP single to be released this year, Margaux Sauvé aka Ghostly Kisses unveils a very poetic music video. On organic notes of harp, classical guitar and mandolin, the singer-songwriter plunges us into a vibrant universe tinged with vulnerability. 

Isolated on a deserted island, the artist, thoughtful and powerless, wanders on a beach in her magnificent red dress while nature, the sea and the cliffs unfold with force all around her. Directed, shot and produced in Northern California by Margaux Sauvé and video artist Esthera Preda, the contemplative clip translates into images all the emotional fragility behind the lyrics of this song.

Thrills guaranteed, Never Let Me Go perfectly showcases all the subtleties of the artist's soft and ethereal voice, a voice that invites us to face the obstacles and lead the struggles, together!