With over 7 million streams and the SOCAN Musique Country 2023 award in her pocket, Sara Dufour is finally back with the new single "J't'écoeurée". Just in time for the festival season, this song is a gift to her fans across Quebec who are already singing its chorus at her shows.

Since the day she left Lac-Saint-Jean for the big city, Sara has always wondered if she would ever return to live there.

"For the last 17 years, I was always in my suitcases, in other people's homes, in other people's things, picking up my slack and then clearing out when a relationship ended. Then, one day, I realized how scattered I was: my cottage is in Dolbeau, my dentist is in Valcourt, my accountant is in Quebec City, my doctor is in Joliette and my boyfriend is in Montreal... then I shouted: "J't'écoeurée"!

- J't'écoeurée