Last single for Ghostly Kisses before the release of the EP

After releasing the mellow and velvety "Never Let Me Go" and the audacious and mysterious "Barcelona Boy", Ghostly Kisses offers a third single that's hovering and vaporous. "Where Do Lovers Go?" is the most introspective of the next EP to be released in June. 

The song, like the title, is marked by a questioning, a reflection on the difficulties that lovers must go through, imaging the last piece of hope that can hold them together. The repetitive and floating melody accentuates, almost meditatively, these questions.

The artist's ethereal voice is accompanied by a guitar line that is both symmetrical and vaporous, reminiscent of the sounds of the British band Daughter.

The lyrics "Will you hold on my love? Even in a time of trouble" is presented as a last attempt to reach the other and to unite despite the difficulties. 

To listen to the introspective Where Do Lovers Go?, it's here!