He is known above all as a half of the Fjord duo and as an integral part of Ghostly Kisses. Today, after garnering success and over 60 million streams with these two Indie Pop projects, Louis-Étienne Santais is taking the great leap forward and unveiling his solo compositions for the very first time!   

To mark the occasion, the Quebec City composer and producer chose to reveal the piece Augustines, accompanied an intimate and touching live session. It’s a compelling introduction that perfectly sets the stage session for his debut album, expected this fall. 

If his work is reminiscent of the works of Jean-Michel Blais or Alexandra Stréliski, Louis-Étienne Santais remains above all an autodidact who skillfully and spontaneously combines classical music with modern pop minimalism. 

Louis-Étienne Santais - Augustines

On Augustines, the singularity of the artist is already apparent as the subtle and delicate movement of the keys and the piano mechanism are deliberately part of the sound. These sound imperfections, the organic sounds of the instruments, testify, for the pianist, to the true intention of the recording. “ I believe that it helps to draw the listener into the room with the performer and the instrument and is an integral part of the composition ” he says.  

Deliberately soothing, the piece is ultimately a musical analogy to those who spend their lives in the service of others. "Strangely, even though I am not religious at all, I could not help but think, while composing the song, about the daily life of the Augustinian sisters when they were caring for patients in Quebec City or when they were teaching.”