Gatineau, December 16, 2022 - After the release of the album Hull a little over a year ago which was highly acclaimed by critics, the MC D-Track is back today with the single "Sans II."

"Sans II" is the second part of the song "Sans," which appeared on the album Le feeling, released in 2011. D-Track worked with American beatmaker August Fanon (Mach-Hommy, Griselda) to produce this track. On a modernized hip hop atmosphere, we can hear that the rapper is at the top of his art in this piece that he describes as an "exercise in style". The lyrics are inspired by the phrase "you can't put the D without the track". D-Track lists dozens of terms that don't go without the other, reminding us of his facility to juggle words.

A video clip directed by David ''Poppa Quest'' Leclerc accompanies the release, in which we can see the veteran of hip-hop queb doing what he does best: rapping. A nod to the concept of "part two" is reflected in a dubbed image of D-Track, present throughout the clip.

D-Track - Sans II