Gaspard Eden

Gaspard Eden is a singer songwriter and visual artist based in Quebec City.

Born in the nineties to a seamstress mother and a musician father, he is the youngest of a family of three. from an early age, he was quite reserved. He would be often found in daydreams, exploring imaginary worlds where his creativity would manifest itself. His need to escape a rather dysfunctional reality would later be translated through his art and music.

As a teenager, Gaspard discovered the punk hardcore scene and quickly formed his first band with some of his high school mates. This cultural movement and state of mind would influence him throughout the rest of his life, defining himself morally and esthe- tically as an artist.

However, his music palette began to grow beyond just punk and hardcore.

in 2012, he formed a band called Modern Primitive. It received quick and strong reac- tions due to its shoegaze sonorities , often described as « slacker rock ». The band, through DIY means, recorded and released six songs, performed with Mudhoney, The Men, The Raveonettes, Half Moon Run, as well as legendary Fugazi drummer Bren- dan Canty’s band Deathfix. Unfortunately, due to growing internal complications and differences between band mates, Modern Primitive died on arrival.

A few years later, after his father passed away, Gaspard began to work on a solo pro- ject, under the name Ego Death. This period gf Gaspard’s life was emotionally tur- bulent, however, in theses troubling times his need to create in the face of turmoil yiel- ded a six songs EP entitled GRIEF, which was released on vinyl. It acted as an emotio- nal and physical bookend to this chapter in his life.

After this period, his music began to take on a more organic and minimalist approach, exposing the naked structures of his songwriting. The Ego Death project would come to a close and would evolve into a new persona, Gaspard Eden.

Recently signing with Coyote Records, he is currently working on his first full length album.