After the summer success of his song "Les avions de Mirabel", Claude Bégin surprises his fans with a new song that announces a surprising turn to his musical style.

The respected singer, composer, producer and rapper from Quebec City pushes his limits in "Aujourd'hui", a track with old school pop-rock inspirations. The velcro melody and constant repetition of the track quickly engulfs the listener in Claude Bégin's (almost absurd) universe. From the strong presence of the bass to the layering of the artist's vocals, the textured tracks hint at new layers with each listen.

In a world where everything is both fantastical and mundane, "Aujourd'hui" is a hymn to the daily filling of an existential void with the lives of others, deliberately shared, in a dizzying digital fair. The permanent connection of society is often parallel to solitude and soaked in the perpetual quest for the new. Claude Bégin expresses in his text feelings that many will recognize: the thirst for strong sensations, the inability to break away from routine, dissatisfaction, the search for "more" to relieve boredom.

You could hear a performance of the song at La semaine des 4 Julie, on Noovo. Watch it HERE!

- Aujourd'hui