Claude Bégin

Predominant rap and pop figure of the Old Capital, Claude Bégin is a multi-talented artist who never ceases to surprise us.

He is first recognized for his contributions to Movèzerbe, Accrophone (Archambault Succession Award, 2006) and Alaclair Ensemble, which he himself calls the building block of a multi-faceted career. The artist enjoying a path punctuated with mentions, whether at ADISQ or GAMIQ, is also recognized as a talented director, arranger and sound engineer. His accomplishments include albums by Karim Ouellet, Boogat, Marième, Webster, Maybe Watson, and many others.

Seasoned multi-instrumentalist and tireless creator, the singer-songwriter then reveals himself on a first solo effort, Les Magiciens. It is with this first album where he juggles skillfully with sounds inspired by folk, pop and even electro sonorities, that he carved himself a place of choice in the Quebec artistic landscape. The first single from the album, Avant de disparaître, held the first position of the BDS Top 100 for six weeks and was the most-played French song on Canadian radio stations. This success earned him a nomination at the ADISQ Gala, for "Song of the Year".

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