Ghostly Kisses Releases Atmospheric New Single ‘Don’t Know Why’

Ghostly Kisses is the melancholic musical project of French-Canadian singer songwriter Margaux Sauvé, releasing her first single of 2021 with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Don’t Know Why’ via Akira Records. Recalling the ethereal universes of Phoebe Bridgers or Sufjan Stevens, the weightless piano arrangement transports the listener, inviting introspection and reverie.

Margaux on the song: “Don’t Know Why talks about a separation, the moment when you realize you’ve tried everything and you don't want to fight anymore. ‘Don’t know why I could never make it alright’ is sung in the chorus, expressing failure, guilt and the realization that you have to accept defeat and go your own way.”

There’s a specific sort of joy that comes from hearing an artist find their true voice. With an assured and carefully considered introspection, adult reassessments of previously held beliefs, and the eventual release from a former self - Ghostly Kisses ascends all that’s come before, free to create without constraint - making her best music yet.

This new outlook on life, art and music has been a gradual process for Margaux, and not necessarily an easy one. Though she grew up in a household of amatuer musicians and music lovers, a career as an artist was never really on the cards. It was away from home, whilst studying psychology at university that she started to express her creativity more freely, constantly writing and singing in her spare time. Despite initially being scared of releasing her art into the world, once she overcame that barrier the fruits of this labour have been incredibly well received; her early EPs have been streamed over 40 million times worldwide and she has played sold out shows across the world.

This level of self-acceptance, of maturity and of hard-won happiness is clear throughout her new music. In the context of previous releases, you find yourself rooting for Ghostly Kisses, silently cheering her on. Music that leaves you feeling inspired, uplifted and with a simultaneous sense of calm is a special thing, and in this case is testament to the partnership between Margaux Sauve and Louis-Etienne Santais. Working with the composer, producer and pianist, they create Ghostly Kisses’ soothing and haunting music, wrapped around Margaux’s delicate and airy voice.