Alfa Rococo

Alfa Rococo releases their fourth album L’amour et le chaos. The light and dark are mixed on this record where the songs are linked together like a long breath. Beautiful gliding flight, which gives access to a view from above to observe this contrasting world. Carried by hyper-catchy primers and themes of guitars and keyboards of the most contagious, the duo explores the thick fog of the ambient gloom, from which pierce some reassuring clearings allowing to penetrate the heat and the hope of a radius of Sun.

On a pop music with tonic and modern arrangements, the duo poses a particular reflection on time, the time we no longer have, the time we use badly, the present time that it is hard to grasp. Then there are the obstacles to be overcome, the individuality and the imposture in this contemporary world, the dependence and happiness altered by the arrows of life. So many subjects that shape this album and on which they carry a poetic look.

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