After their first encounter in the Nevada desert, Paige and J-F decide to cancel their respective return flights and take the road through the American West. Paige, straight out of the Georgia swamps, and J-F, far from the Quebec countryside, never leave each other again and move together in Montreal. There Paige falls in love with the language and culture. She learns French and the Quebec-American duo forms the band MIELS ("Honeys").

Since then, they have been composing together, mixing their two universes to create a unique sound that resembles them, in French. Sexy rock and roll mixing blues with modern rhythms. A sound that makes you want to hit the road on a whim and forget about everyday problems. A pure, sexy and electrifying sound from the first listening.

After "Quarantaine Blues", a mini-album released in the summer of 2020, MIELS is back in May 2021 with "Prends-moi comme la mort", their first full-length available everywhere. During the pandemic, the couple boarded their van and drove over 10,000 kilometers from Montreal to Victoria. It was during this roadtrip that the lovebirds wrote and composed 11 new songs, and then released a second album exactly one year after the first. "Lécher le ciel" is even more energetic than the previous one and draws from a full range of genres such as post-punk, disco and synth-pop.

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