Laurence Nerbonne and Tizzo. A colorful music video by Pony

With minimalist and catchy tones, Laurence Nerbonne and the rapper Tizzo unite to send a good dose of love to the haters with "Uber", the second single from an album to be released for Laurence in early 2021.

As she signs her very first music video, popular Montreal visual artist Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, aka Pony, plunges us for the occasion into her colourful, surreal and mysterious universe. In this playful and absurd visual exploration in which chips and chicks are in the spotlight, Laurence Nerbonne and Tizzo invite us to go beyond the too easy feelings of hatred to drink champagne and get closer to the other in order to forget our differences.

The entertaining music video ends with a choreography by Lakesshia Pierre Colon with the dancers of the ÖR PÜR collective as the author, beatmaker and performer runs away from evil chicks, a thoughtful nod to confinement and our inner demons.

An original music video for "Uber" that once again confirms Laurence's assumed shift towards more urban sounds of French hip-hop.

Laurence Nerbonne - Uber