Montreal, March 8, 2024 - Lucill and Marco Ema join forces to launch "Avant de redescendre", a soothing, catchy eulogy to friendships and the unconditional love that goes with them.

The idea came about when Lucill accompanied Marco and his band on bass for a few dates in Quebec and Europe last November. It was a pivotal artistic encounter for the two artists, who became fast friends and went on to play bass in each other's projects.

The song gradually took shape in the dressing rooms, when the two acolytes set themselves the challenge of creating a country-rock anthem. As they strummed their guitars before going on stage, a series of chords stuck in their heads. They decided to turn these moments into a single on their return to Montreal.

Lyrically, "it's not a dramatic song, it's a soothing one in the face of everything that's going on in the world," says Lucill. Lucill and Marco Ema invite us to turn to our friends with the spleen we all feel about the environmental, political and economic climate around the globe. "Avant de redescendre" expresses that we can face anything when we are well surrounded.

The song is accompanied by a visual by Marianne Boucher. It was produced using cyanotype prints, a photographic method perfected in 1842 that uses a photosensitive solution to transfer an image with sunlight. Under the Prussian blue typical of this process, the two artists stroll through the streets of Montreal.

Lucill - Avant de redescendre (avec Marco Ema)