The Lucill musical project was born of a desire to see if anything is possible. Singer-songwriter Raphaël Bussières, first discovered as bassist with alt-rock band Heat in the early 2010s, wanted to take control of his own musical path.

Influenced by the punk-rock of the 2000s, he took part in a number of projects in which he long presented himself as a bassist. Self-taught, he learned to play a number of instruments at his own school after studying theater production. However, this background led him to understand the inner workings of the stage on which he would eventually perform.

A back injury prevented him from working, so he set up shop with a guitar and a sound card to validate his ability to compose solo. In a band, Raphaël was often confronted with the need for consensus. Galvanized by the idea of having full control over his project, he is caught up in the desire for freedom, which allows him to do triple and quadruple duty if he wants to.

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