Lucill unveils a new single and announces the release date of his new album

The 2020 musical season looks promising! After a critically acclaimed debut EP of the same name in 2018, and two singles noticed in 2019, Lucill officially announces the release of Bunny, his first LP to be released on September 18th.

For the occasion, singer-songwriter Raphaël Bussières transports us into a soft psych-folk atmosphere with his second single entitled Personne, a convincing glimpse of what he has to offer with his new opus.

With a muffled voice that resonates a bit like Post Malone in "Circles", the Chibougamau-born artist delivers once again deep lyrics that evoke an unpolished reality.

He makes no secret of the fact, "the inspiration came to me a few years after the suicide of a friend of mine. I can't even imagine the level of suffering he had in him at that time. An exceptional artist and guitarist, he was trapped in a closed environment where art was not necessarily a priority. "

With his inspiring words skillfully laid down on roots percussion, Lucill creates strong and comforting images where he pays tribute to the nostalgia that comes and goes after the loss of a loved one.

"It's just what came out of my head after a certain amount of hindsight without over-analysis. These are images that later began to take on many other meanings; break-up, departure, estrangement, etc."

And these images, the singer-songwriter wonderfully illustrates them in a vibrant contemplative music video directed by Jeff Boyd.

Lucill - Personne