Less than a year after presenting "Alone Together", Ghostly Kisses is back with six new creations brought together under the name "Never Let Me Go", a first EP under the London-based label Akira Records (world) and Quebec-based label Coyote Records (Canada). 

Strongly inspired by her travels, the singer-songwriter offers us 23 minutes of dreamy and melancholic soundscapes. As she explores finished loves from different angles, "Never Let Me Go" is, without a shadow of a doubt, Margaux Sauvé's most mature work of writing and composition to date. 

Produced by Louis-Étienne Santais with the collaboration of producer and sound engineer Alex Ouzilleau (Studio le Magnétophone), the artist's new EP stands out for the power, richness and originality of its arrangements. Ghostly Kisses thus shows an unexplored and bewitching facet of his musical universe with a textured production more oriented towards organic instrumentation.  

"Never Let Me Go" is now available on all digital platforms just HERE.


Genesis of the EP release

Ghostly Kisses first delivered the soft and velvety "Never Let Me Go", composed in 2019 on European roads. Then, the audacious and mysterious "Barcelona Boy", written in Spain during the protests surrounding the 2017 Catalan referendum.

Completed with the introspective and misty "Where Do Lovers Go?" and "Lydian" and "Call My Name", inspired by a trip to India and Morocco, the journey ends with "Stay", a dreamy and captivating indie-pop piece perfect for the summer days ahead.