In anticipation of the release of their debut album this spring, New Bleach unveils a captivating Live Session at the summit of Le Massif de Charlevoix, Quebec. The result is a breathtaking video in which the bewitching music of the duo, formed by Dominic Pelletier and Raphaël Potvin (Caravane), blends with the grandiose beauty of Charlevoix's landscapes

“We wanted to bring our songs to life in a setting that would do justice to the beauty of the landscapes of our native Quebec. We thank Le Massif de Charlevoix from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to fulfill our slightly crazy dreams.”

It is in a mysterious autumnal atmosphere that New Bleach kicks off the performance with "Silver Lining" above the clouds, while the first notes of "HIGH" can be heard at dusk, in an intriguing mix of natural and artificial light. Once night falls, the duo concludes this visual journey with "Awake", while the hypnotic lighting effects, under the direction of Xavier Dubois, create the most electrifying atmosphere.

Directed and edited by Sébastien Corriveau, New Bleach offers us a unique show that undoubtedly ranks among the most impressive Canadian productions of 2020.