Alfa Rococo

Théâtre du Rift

32 Rue Sainte Anne, Ville-Marie, QC, Canada


Alfa Rococo releases their fourth album L’amour et le chaos. The light and dark are mixed on this record where the songs are linked together like a long breath. Beautiful gliding flight, which gives access to a view from above to observe this contrasting world. Carried by hyper-catchy primers and themes of guitars and keyboards of the most contagious, the duo explores the thick fog of the ambient gloom, from which pierce some reassuring clearings allowing to penetrate the heat and the hope of a radius of Sun.

On a pop music with tonic and modern arrangements, the duo poses a particular reflection on time, the time we no longer have, the time we use badly, the present time that it is hard to grasp. Then there are the obstacles to be overcome, the individuality and the imposture in this contemporary world, the dependence and happiness altered by the arrows of life. So many subjects that shape this album and on which they carry a poetic look.

Born in 2004 from the meeting between Justine Laberge and David Bussières, Alfa Rococo testifies as soon as she arrived on the Québec music scene of the unalterable power of the catchy chorus. More than simply adding the creative vision of each other, the duo immediately signals a strong identity, a combination of two voices sublimating each other. The elegantly heady melodies become for the pair as many hands outstretched to his audience, invitation to turn the eye to the light that illuminates the skyline, despite the occasional darkness of the dizzying existence.

Many of their songs will quickly cover the soundtrack of the daily lives of thousands of Quebecers and climb to the top of the top 100 BDS (Rising Anchor, Rainy Days, Chase the Misfortune, Meteor). Their two Félix and their multiple nominations at the ADISQ Gala (including five in the Song of the Year category) testify to this privileged relationship with the music lovers of the province, as well as the esteem of their colleagues. Alfa Rococo multiplies shows in Quebec, Canada, then France, Belgium, Mexico and Lebanon.

Eleven years after its birth, the duo leads their destiny in a surprisingly intimate approach and now essentially creates in their home studio, with the conviction that it is by naming the joys and anxieties that animate or darken our hearts that we manages to enfeeble that of others. Le lever le ancre, from their first album of the same name (released in 2007), could still be heard today as a profession of faith for the necessary risk-taking, a leitmotif that will remain theirs on Chassing the misfortune (2010) and Our Hearts Together (2014). "I have a fire in my heart," Justine and David rejoice in today's release, the cornerstone of their fourth album, Love and Chaos. This song also refers to the sacred fire that burns in the heart of the duet and never extinguished, if we capture the moments that can breathe the air it takes to stir it up.

A great opportunity also to remember that true love - of music and others - lies in our common desire to continue the journey together. In this world where everything seems ephemeral, Alfa Rococo succeeds in proving that longevity does not dry up inspiration but rather brings it into even more fertile spheres.