Gaspard Eden

Gaspard Eden's debut album, Soft Power, travels the backdrop of the psyche. Considering music to be the product of intuition, the self-taught Canadian singer-songwriter plays within his own subconscious, reappropriating and transforming past experiences in an audible catharsis.   

With his signature multi-instrumental arrangements and ethereal vocal harmonies, Eden conveys a sound that feels like the oddly conscious floating that occurs when one awakes but is still dreaming. Full of coded images, Eden's introspective songwriting relies on simple words to illustrate states of being that transcend language. His voice, ranging from clear to intimate to textured, floats over skillful music.   

Soft Power's ten tracks present a solid and evolved sound. With his varied tempos and his expressive production, Eden articulates an impressive variety of moods within a disarmingly solid sound. Involved in all aspects of his project, he completes the various mental universes featured on his first full-length album with music videos and illustrations as evocative as his album.