Tassez-vous de d'là - Hommage à Dédé Fortin

Bass ma Boom Sound System, led by André Vanderbiest, former member of Les Colocs who played on the mythic album Dehors Novembre, offers us a vibrant tribute to Dédé Fortin, a character just as mythical as the band he was leading. Performed with the partcipation of many collaborators, all from different cultural backgrounds (Boucar Diouf, Elage Diouf, Karim Ouellet, Shauit, La Flamèche, Okapi, Joyce N'Sana, Ilam and King Abid) Tassez-vous de d'là – Hommage à Dédé Fortin is the musical incarnation of this tight-knit multicultural Quebec that Les Colocs has always celebrated.